i called my housemate a racist

my housemate larry, i thought, was a racist. but it turns out he's just ignorant. he gave me a hug the other night before going to bed. then i had a conversation in the kitchen this morning where he said, "from now on, no more eat dog jokes. sometimes me (making motion of drinking a bottle) ... say stupid things." i said to him, "that's okay larry but i speak english you know, i understand you perfectly." then he said, "me work... many mexicans (putting his hand down waist high indicating their height) they no speak english..." pretty soon, i think i'll get larry to speak in full sentences to me.

* I take it all back. Larry's still a racist. And he asked me to kiss him. Do all guys think that you'll take your panties off if they tell you you're a beautiful woman? Been there heard that... snap!

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