you'll note

i have not posted anything negative lately. this has less to do with any personal transformation and more to do with simple lack of human contact. it's hard to be negative when interacting primarily with a dog. although i did give her the cold shoulder for few days for the steaming pile of shit she left at the top of the stairs last week. but that wasn't really her fault. unless, she left it there on purpose for me... hmmm.


i just remembered

i called c. a fag last week. that's not cool. is it? i wish i could just remember why i called him a fag in the first place. it must have been something faggy he did. i got to stop using that word.


a last resort

sometimes when a wave of negativity is about to burst from my lips, i simply think of puppies and all is well in the universe again.


i found the cure

it's true. there is a solution to eliminating negativity. it's impossible to say anything negative when you don't talk to other human beings. i'm not really counting my students though... is that negative?


i was glad she got pulled over

so i was driving along the interstate the other day, a sunny day, and i was passing a long line of slow-moving vehicles. i was driving at a fast but moderate speed, so the passing of said slow-moving vehicles was taking a while, and there was a small, snazzy blue car driven by a short blonde woman approximately 4 inches off my rear bumper, making it clear that she'd rather be passing the slow-moving vehicles much more quickly. her small swerves to the left and to the right were either indications of intense frustration, attempts to place her car squarely in a side or rear view mirror (as if i didn't know she was there), an unsubtle and unrealistic signal that she wished for a third lane on this particular interstate, or all of the above. we were ascending a long slope, and just before we crested the hill, i completed my steady passing of the cars and moved into the right lane to let her fulfill what was apparently her life's desire, to get around me and proceed at her own pace. as she roared by, fairly leaping over the ridgeline, i wished fervently that she would get pulled over and slapped with a hefty fine. to my surprise, this is what immediately happened - there were two state troopers at the bottom of the hill, radar guns at the ready, and she was pulled over, voila, right in front of me. i am ashamed both of wishing her ill and of the intense glee that i felt as i watched her karmic punishment unfold.


will someone stuff a sock in my mouth already?

a student approached me after class the other day to tell me that he'd be absent next week. he would be attending his father's graduation from college. a number of appropriate reactions to this come to mind now, such as "congratulations!" or "that's wonderful" or "what a momentous occasion!" but instead, i managed to say what one normally reserves for puppies and other small furried creatures which is, "aw... how cute!" if he dropped out of my class right now for being patronizing and full of myself, i would have absolutely nothing to say in my defense.