i was glad she got pulled over

so i was driving along the interstate the other day, a sunny day, and i was passing a long line of slow-moving vehicles. i was driving at a fast but moderate speed, so the passing of said slow-moving vehicles was taking a while, and there was a small, snazzy blue car driven by a short blonde woman approximately 4 inches off my rear bumper, making it clear that she'd rather be passing the slow-moving vehicles much more quickly. her small swerves to the left and to the right were either indications of intense frustration, attempts to place her car squarely in a side or rear view mirror (as if i didn't know she was there), an unsubtle and unrealistic signal that she wished for a third lane on this particular interstate, or all of the above. we were ascending a long slope, and just before we crested the hill, i completed my steady passing of the cars and moved into the right lane to let her fulfill what was apparently her life's desire, to get around me and proceed at her own pace. as she roared by, fairly leaping over the ridgeline, i wished fervently that she would get pulled over and slapped with a hefty fine. to my surprise, this is what immediately happened - there were two state troopers at the bottom of the hill, radar guns at the ready, and she was pulled over, voila, right in front of me. i am ashamed both of wishing her ill and of the intense glee that i felt as i watched her karmic punishment unfold.


Laura's mom said...

Serves her right. I wish for that all the time and it never happens. Sometimes, justice is served.

babibi said...

at this point i hope you cackled madly to yourself. mwahahahahaha! just like that. and then been at peace to know that karmic justice had been restored. (might i add that it would have been okay for you to say "fuck you bitch!"?)