you'll note

i have not posted anything negative lately. this has less to do with any personal transformation and more to do with simple lack of human contact. it's hard to be negative when interacting primarily with a dog. although i did give her the cold shoulder for few days for the steaming pile of shit she left at the top of the stairs last week. but that wasn't really her fault. unless, she left it there on purpose for me... hmmm.


LaLa said...

Dogs are smarter than you think.
Strategically dumping a pile of steaming poo at the top of the stairs is a "fuck you" in my mind. I wonder what you did to piss off the dog?

babibi said...

i kinda thought that myself, but the dog loves me. the only thing i could think of is that i wouldn't let her in my room because sometimes she gets up on my bed.

to follow up on this dog problem. two days ago the dog came in covered in shit. literal shit. the owner said sometimes she rolls around in deer or moose shit if she finds it. odd enough. but then, no one has washed the dog since this happened so i refuse to touch her or go near her.

are these people fucked up or what? hey is that... negative?

LaLa said...

I don't think you are being negative. It's common sense. Who wants to touch poo? Blech.
Why don't they wash that poor stinky dog? Why the hell is it rolling around in shit? Dumb dog.
Oh, ok, maybe I'm being negative too but isn't that the point of this blog?