i'm having trouble

i'm starting to have trouble distinguishing between being inappropriate vs. justifiable negativity. my dilemma is this.

last night there were a bunch of kids hanging out in the living room until 2 am. i went downstairs to tell them to shut the fuck up when i noticed that chris, the kid who lives here, was passed out on the couch and everyone else was still partying without him. i went upstairs and then went right back downstairs because i decided to kick them out. upon which they told me they were waiting for a pizza. that's when i said "i don't give a shit". at this point i think i had eyes of daggers which i reportedly get when i'm angry. i was pretty sure i was fibrillating like mad. in a few minutes i heard them go outside.

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LaLa said...

I don't know if either is considered inappropriate or negative. Maybe it's just that you have become OLD! hahahaha.
Ooooh. I wish I was a fly on the wall when this happened. I've never seen your dagger eyes or the yelling. Was it a high shrill type of screaming that crazy Korean women sometimes are known for? Do tell.