mormons are crazy

seated around a table in the posh faculty club with fellow academics, and a couple of glasses of wine under my belt which contributed to my deluded sense of conviviality, i turned to our esteemed seminar leader, a very well known and extremely successful professor for whom i have boundless respect and said to her in an attempt at light conversational banter, "i think mormons are totally crazy!"

she gave me a pained look at which point i said, "i suppose i shouldn't say that." and instead of calling me out as the bigot that i am, she just nodded uncomfortably. i think it's safe to say my respect for is unrequited...


4562951413mb said...

is the esteemed seminar leader perhaps...A MORMON?!

Montag said...

they are so crazy it just might work! they brainwashed my nephew. he is now married, and a college sophomore. bizarre and infuriating, if not "crazy."

Anonymous said...

Oh boy..Massachusetts Bees are having a " Harry".
Must be those " T" rooms?
Lears got the " cream".